Frequently Asked Questions About Our Renovation Specialist

If you are searching for a renovation specialist who is based in the Orlando, FL area, Loreto Remodeling is the one to choose. The following frequently asked questions article has information that you will need to make a more informed decision when hiring our company for a professional renovation service. So use this time to read some of the answers to questions we receive.

What is residential renovation?

Renovation is the process of improving damaged, broken, or outdated structures. Renovations can be done on either commercial or residential buildings. Additionally, renovation refers to making something new or updating a structure.

What should I consider when planning a residential renovation?

Make a plan with a timetable and a list of jobs that need to be completed. Consider function and how the renovation will work. Determine any problems that need improvement in terms of storage, space use, or traffic flow.

What are the most popular trends in residential renovation?

The most popular trends to date are kitchen and bathroom renovations and extending interior living to the exterior.

What are the potential challenges of a residential renovation?

Unexpected costs, staying within the local building codes and safety regulations, balancing functionality with aesthetics, managing delays, and choosing the right materials that will keep in with your budget.

Can I still remain in my home during the renovation process?

With most renovations, yes. However, if it concerns the kitchen or bathroom, you will need to make alternative arrangements.

What steps should I take to prepare my home for renovation?

The space that we are working in should be cleared of any furniture. Any valuables or important documents must be put away elsewhere. Children and pets must also be kept away from the site. Also, make sure to inform your neighbors of what will be happening so they are prepared for the noise and possible disruption. And lastly, make sure we have a clear path to bring in materials, tools, and equipment.

In what areas does your company offer services?

Our quality renovation service covers the following areas: Edgewood, FL; Lake Butler, FL; Maitland, FL; Lake Mary, FL; and Longwood, FL. If you happen to live close to any of these areas, call today and ask if we can cover it too.

What are your working hours?

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. We’re closed during the weekends.

What payment methods does your company accept?

We only accept cash, checks, and Zelle as payment for our renovation services.

How long has your company been in business since?

We founded our renovation company back in 2018. We already have a sterling reputation for being 100% reliable, and honest, adhering to the local building codes and safety regulations, and providing superb workmanship.

To make an appointment with a renovation specialist and discuss your renovation project in detail, call Loreto Remodeling. Call today at this number (689) 314-6597 within our hours of work. We would be delighted to take on your next renovation project if you are based in or around the Orlando, FL area.